NenminiI Balarama And Ayyappa Temples

NENMINI BALARAMA AND AYYAPPA TEMPLES : Nenmini is about 4 kms from Guruvayur towards the east of Guruvayur temple. There are two small temples separated by 500 meters. The main deities here are Balarama and Ayyappa. These temple were under Nenmini mana which were later handed over to Devaswom In the Balarama temple every year Ashtami Rohini , Pradhishta Dinam and Vrishchika pooja are celebrated. Vrishchika pooja is celebrated from 1st to 12th of Vrishchikam every year. In the Ayyappa temple Pradhishta Dinam is Celebrated on Makayiram of Meenam month